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Numerous and yet so precious, each in its own beautiful manner, are the ways in which the Divine Grace of Baba Loknath manifested itself through the miracles that he performed for his devotees who were in need of his blessings. He said that all our sufferings are but the result of the countless sins that we have committed throughout all of our previous births and only by going through such pains could our spirits be cleansed and uplifted for experiencing the celestial grace of the supreme being. Yet, as a mother loves her child, so did Baba love each and every of his devotees, and could not remain indifferent to the sufferings of his children.

"I know very well that by curing your ailments 1 am encouraging you, but I cannot remain unconcerned.... I abuse you and punish you and at the same time I pull you up on my lap."

Joy baba LoknathThe miracle of Radhika Mohan:

Radhika Mohan Roy suffered from rheumatic arthritis and was almost totally paralysed as a result and could hardly move. He was a wealthy man and underwent the best of treatments that he could afford but to no avail. His wife, who was wholly devoted to her husband, came to Baba Loknath and laid herself on Baba's lotus feet. Baba was unsympathetic to Radhika's plight because he knew that Radhika was an unfaithful husband and a very dishonest and disrespectful person, having the credit of many evil deeds under his belt. Baba took pity on him only because of his wife's heartrending prayers. With Baba's grace, Radhika slowly regained his strength and could move his body after a few days, except his one arm that remained paralysed. When Baba learned of this and saw the distressed countenance of Radhika's wife, he raised his hand three times and said to her, "Now go to find your husband able to move his arm." She ran to the boat where her husband was lying and to her utter happiness, found him completely cured.

The miracle of the heavenly milk:

Umaprasanna Nag lost his wife during childbirth, and could find no one within his family to nurse his baby son. His sister, Sindhubasini, who was infertile and had not been able to bear children, could not help her brother in this respect. The only solution was to find a paid woman to nurse the child. Sindhubasini could not agree to this scheme. She was a devotee of Baba Loknath and to him she went in this hour of need. Baba listened to her and then said to her, "Come, sit beside me. I will suck your milk and you will not need any paid woman for the child." Sindhubasini had always wanted a child at her bosom. As the divine child put his mouth to her breasts, she found to her amazement that her breasts had become overfilled with milk. The motherless child thus found a mother in Sindhubasini. Brahmaprasanna, for that was the name of that boy, grew into a devout follower of Baba Loknath and founded a temple dedicated to Baba Loknath at Garia.

The Miracle of the capsizing boat:

Biharilal Mukherjee was a successful lawyer of the Dacca court and an ardent devotee of Baba Loknath. Once when he was travelling by boat and was in the middle of a big river, a furious thunderstorm suddenly arose and threatened to overturn the boat. The passengers soon realised that the boat was beyond the control of the crew and started to say their last prayers. Helpless and fearful Biharilal suddenly remembered the words of Baba, "Whenever vou are in danger, ~ whether in the middle of the ocean, or in the midst of the battlefield, or in the deepest jungle - think of me and I will deliver you to safety." The fervent prayers of the devotee did not fail to reach the ears of Baba. At that time, Anath Bandhu Malhk was sitting near Baba at Baradi ashram. Baba said to him "O Anath! Binan is in danger and is praying to me. I must go and save him." In the middle of the big river the capsizing boat slowly recovered its balance and reached its destination safely.